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Founded in 1990, Juan Rulfo School is the oldest private school in Puerto Escondido.

Despite the tradition that Colegio Juan Rulfo symbolizes in our community, we work with the most current educational models, techniques and methodologies.

We are the first and only School in Puerto Escondido which abides by the methodological philosophy of teaching according to students’ interests.



To train citizens capable of contributing to the development of their social environment and the progress of Mexico in a global context.



We are an institution that trains leaders committed to human development, who will positively impact not only their community, but also beyond their state and country.

Active school

We educate students with a democratic sense, developing a critical and cooperative spirit.

The type of learning is comprehensive, critical and multidisciplinary.

We develop a critical and cooperative spirit.

A combination of tradition and values


Each of our educational actions is taken based on scientific evidence, seeking the current and future well-being of our students.


We create the necessary conditions for directors and teachers to innovate the teaching-learning process.


We carry out actions in order to provide our education also to children who, due to their socio-economic conditions, could not otherwise access quality private education.


Be transparent in the teaching-learning process of our students to contribute to reaching their full potential.


We provide the best education to each of our students and respect the legal and ethical framework. We prioritize our students’ safety, as well as their physical, and mental integrity.
Leading to success.

Academic Committee

The Committee, together with our team of teachers highly committed to the learning of our students, make the decisions to have the environment and tools to achieve the learning objectives in each child, as well as for innovation in the classroom.

Our school is a symbol of experience. The average age of our Pedagogical and Steering Committee is 52.8 years. The average age of our teachers is 34 years, which allows us to make more efficient use of technological tools, as well as the application of advances in pedagogy in the classroom. Together we are managing to advance the borders in educational quality in Mexico.

Teachers with Transformative Vision

Our teachers have the profile of normal education and / or degrees related to the science of education, some of them with postgraduate degrees.

The supplementary activities teachers also have the required academic profile. We are a school that periodically updates - and challenges - its academic staff to learn new things, to train and to question the status quo.

Throughout our history, we have used an Interdisciplinary team so that each student achieves the school’s learning objectives.

From nutritionists, psychologists, teachers in special education and nurses, we recognize that a healthy diet, preventive medicine and the management of social-emotional skills as a holistic approach to health,  are essential to meet the high standards of learning for our students.

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"Imagination is infinite, it has no limits, and you have to break where the circle closes; there is a door, there may be an escape door, and through that door you have to lead, you have to go"
Juan Rulfo

Juan Rulfo

Novelist, short story writer, photographer and editor, Juan Rulfo was born on May 16, 1927 in Jalisco. Juan Rulfo is recognized mainly for his works: El llano en llamas (1953) and Pedro Páramo (1955).

The true life of Juan Rulfo is in his work, the author was essentially a goldsmith who allowed literature to go back to dimensions ahead of its time, despite the family, social and historical context in which it was born.

Learn more about the life and work of Juan Rulfo, in this collection as shown by Colegio Juan Rulfo.