the foundation of success

We provide students with the knowledge, skills, qualities and abilities that allows them to build their learning throughout life, as well as share what they learn and use it to improve their environment.

The theoretical foundation of our educational process is Constructivism, which consists of giving children the opportunity to learn and make mistakes, to use their reasoning to elaborate hypotheses and to appropriate those that serve them to learn.

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In Preschool

In preschool we equip children with the tools that allow them to construct their learning in a creative and autonomous way.

At this stage, children need to gain self-confidence, develop social-emotional skills, and complicated concepts are unnecessary.

Seedling of Greatness

Our educators use state-of-the-art methodologies, as well as projects to build the literacy learning process.

Our didactics focuses on the game and the experience of children as axes of learning.

The result: happy, free, autonomous, secure children, with high self-esteem, who enjoy and share their own learning.

Ready for Elementary School

This early intervention will have positive effects on your later school performance, as well as your career success, health, and general well-being in adulthood.

The foundations of success are laid here

Educating future generations

For our students to master the tools that allow them to appropriate knowledge throughout their lives, first as students and later as professionals.

The theoretical foundation of our teaching is constructivism, neurolinguistics and critical pedagogy

Harverst of triumphs

We train free and critical students with skills and qualities that are the core of the modern economy and that will be increasingly important.
Physical capital has become very cheap and human capital is becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, the acquisition of these skills has become essential and as such,  we develop them through our classes and complementary projects, which are grouped into 4 themes: "Green School", "Science and Technology", "Arts" and "Language School" .

A 4x4 Plan

Beyond the national mandatory program

During the teaching route, we strengthen learning with complementary classes and projects, which raise awareness in our students about the great problems of the 21st century, with the aim of sowing in them the desire to become agents of change.

Les nothing separate them from their dreams!

We are ready to receive the 2023-2024 school year, only your child is missing.

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A 4x4 plan

Integral Program